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Account Executive

We are looking for talanted, higly motivated and innovative people who are passionate about sales.

If you want to build a career in sales or marketing, feel comfotable with complex tasks and love to negotiate with customers, then this is a position of your dream.


- Develop and close new deals
- Develop and deliver sales presentations and demostrations
- Identify the market's needs and the customer's pain points
- Generate ideas on software improvements
- Attain and exceed the given revenue goals


Sales skills

- At least, 1+ year in B2B sales
- Strong knowledge of B2B sales model, sales process and sales techniques
- Ability to develop lasting professional relationships with clients

Common skills

- Exceptional communication skills
- Fluent English
- Experience with digital advertising will be a plus

We offer

Competitive on-target earnings (base salary + commisions)

Opportunities for professional growth

Generous benefit package

A team of professionals and IT experts

Join our team! It is gonna be fun!

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