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Sales Development Representative

If you are eager to become a proffesional salesperson and want to master your skills in omnichanel communications with the leading companies worlwide, this is a great start for your career in sales.


- Lead management and proactive outbound activities (emails, calls etc.)
- Develop a pipeline of new customers
- Generate quotes and appointments by menas of lead activity management
- Market company's solutions to potential customers
- Set up appointments
- Track and maintain customer contact and their records


Sales skills

- At least, 1+ year experience in B2B sales or/and lead generation
- Knowledge of B2B sales process
- Knowledge of lead generation across different channels (email, social media etc)

Common skills

- Exceptional communication skills
- Fluent English
- Experience with digital advertising will be a plus

We offer

Competitive on-target earnings (base salary + commisions)

Opportunities for professional growth

Generous benefit package

A team of professionals and IT experts

Join our team! It is gonna be fun!

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